My Story
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My Story

I was a skinny kid until the third grade when my caloric intake overtook any amount of benefit that I had from running around, hiking, and being very active. I was so fat that I went on my first diet in eleventh grade, only to quit and gain it all back. That was the beginning of the yo-yo diet cycle for me.

Four years ago while watching a local newscast on WGAL 8, I saw a story about a grandfather clutching his grandchild in a raging stream during a flood. The force was too much and swept the child from his arms, and the child drowned. It made me think that I could not save either of my granddaughters, nor my wife or children. Weighing 400 pounds, I could not save myself, much less anyone else.

Like an alcoholic hits bottom, that was the bottom of compulsive overeating for me. That moment I made a commitment to never diet again. Rather I would change my eating habits, while only eating what I like. No more crazy diet shortcuts! Normal people weigh what they do because normal people eat normally. I know, my wife has weighed 118 pounds all of her adult life. Compulsive overeaters ARE NOT NORMAL!

My book is a journey through every diet imaginable, and the many years of looking for the silver bullet of weight loss. I do not offer a diet plan, Weight Watchers is best for that. I offer you insight on how to admit and get over being a compulsive overeater. No excuses. We are who we are because ultimately we allow it to happen.

I have shed a total of 215 pounds and now weight 185.

Ask your employer to book me as a featured speaker for your workplace wellness program.

Thank you.



Before and After Photos

With Santa 2005, 2006, 2007

With Elvis Tribute Artist Ronnie Allyn     1999, 2009


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